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Navigating the Ohio Court System

There are several different kinds of courts in the Cincinnati, Ohio area. The court your case will be heard in depends on the law you’re alleged to have broken, the severity of the offense, and where you’re accused of committing the crime. Federal courts are for any alleged violation of federal law. Courts of Common Pleas hear felonies, as well as juvenile matters. Municipal Courts and Mayor’s Courts hear misdemeanors. Additionally, there are specialty courts, like Veterans Courts and Drug Courts that hear specific types of cases.

One of the most important attributes your attorney should have is familiarity with these courts. Your lawyer should know each judge and each prosecutor and know what to expect from each. Judges have different opinions on different matters. For instance, while one judge might be willing to grant recognizance bond in a domestic violence case, a judge in the same court the next day may refuse to grant that kind of bond. At Ernst & Associates, we are proud to know the judges and prosecutors in the Southern Ohio courts. We know how they operate – knowledge that could make a huge difference in the outcome of your case.

Ohio Counties:

  • Hamilton
  • Clermont
  • Brown
  • Adams
  • Butler
  • Warren
  • Clinton
  • Montgomery
  • Greene
  • Highland

Kentucky Counties:

  • Boone
  • Kenton
  • Campbell
Map of counties in southwest Ohio

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