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Defending Your Rights From Criminal Charges

No matter what the evidence against you, an arrest for criminal charges is not a conviction. Even if you were arrested for a crime, you could still fight back to protect your rights, freedom and future. If you are worried that law enforcement has a strong case against you, there are ways to minimize penalties, and in some cases, we may be able to get charges dropped. Here at Ernst & Associates, LLC, our attorney has more than 20 years of experience in defending clients against criminal charges. We work to defend clients and explore a range of methods to eliminate or reduce the charges our clients are facing.

How We Can Defend You

Every criminal defense case begins by examining the arrest records. Law enforcement is often guilty of violating your rights during an arrest. We know how to look for these vulnerabilities and exploit them for your defense. Common police errors that can benefit you include:

  • Illegal searches and seizures
  • Entrapment
  • Failing to read you your rights
  • Inadmissible evidence
  • Dubious informant sources

We understand that each client comes to us with a unique set of circumstances. Our process is to always take the time to understand every detail in your case to find any advantage in your defense.

Posting Bail In Ohio

While you are preparing for your trial, you may be looking for help in posting bail. In order to have a court grant you bail, you will need to supply enough cash, property or a bail bond to get your release. The four types of bond include:

  • Recognizance bond – a written promise the accused signs to appear at future court dates
  • Cash bond – providing the full value of bail in cash
  • Appearance bond – where the accused can provide 10% of the bond and only needs to pay the other 90% if they miss a court date
  • Surety bond – where the accused has a bondsman provide a promissory note for the bond, and they pay the bondsman a fraction of the total bail

After posting bail, the accused is released from jail and told when to appear in court. If the accused shows up for all court appearances, bail is refunded at the end of the court proceedings.

Knowledge Of The Ohio Courts System

The court where your case will be heard depends on where the arrest took place, the crime that you alleged committed and the severity of your charges. Federal offenses are heard in a U.S. District Court, felonies and juvenile cases are heard in the Court of Common Pleas, and misdemeanors are heard in Municipal Courts and Mayor’s Courts. There are also specialty courts for some types of offenses such as Drug Courts and Veterans Courts.

At Ernst & Associates, LLC, we have decades of experience representing clients in courts across Ohio. For more information about individual courts, click on the county icons below.

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