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Aggressive Defense When You Are Facing Weapons Charges

In Ohio, it is legal to carry a firearm openly without registering it as long as you are not somewhere where guns are banned on the premises. However, there are laws against the possession and use of firearms and deadly ordinances that can result in felony and misdemeanor charges. Committing a crime while in possession of a firearm, even if it is not used, can add years to the sentence if you are convicted.

If you have been charged with a weapons crime, you need to take immediate action to protect yourself. It can be incredibly stressful not knowing where to turn when you are facing life-changing legal penalties. Fortunately, you can rely on our experienced criminal defense attorneys at Ernst & Associates, LLC, to provide you with the representation and guidance that you need during this challenging time.

Types Of Weapons Charges

There are several different types of gun and weapons charges. The severity of the charges depends on the illegal action and the circumstances surrounding the illegal action. It also depends on whether anyone was hurt or the weapon was discharged. Some of the common types of weapons charges include:

  • Possession of a concealed weapon without a permit
  • Possession of dangerous ordinance
  • Using weapons while intoxicated
  • Illegal sale or purchase of a weapon
  • Discharging a weapon on or near a prohibited property
  • Possession of a weapon while under disability (legally prohibited from possessing a firearm)

Carrying A Concealed Weapon

In Ohio, the law clearly states that unless you have a permit, carrying a concealed weapon is illegal. While the permit allows you to carry a concealed weapon, there are several locations where, even with a permit, it is illegal to carry a concealed weapon, including:

  • Churches, synagogues, mosques and other places of worship
  • Government buildings
  • School campuses (except in a locked vehicle)
  • Any private property with a posted sign that prohibits firearms

If you are convicted of carrying a concealed weapon without a permit or with a permit where it is illegal to conceal and carry, the consequences will vary. If no one was hurt and it was the first offense, you will most likely be charged with a misdemeanor. If you have been previously convicted, the penalties will increase based on the severity of the crimes.

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