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Operating A Motor Vehicle Under The Influence Of Drugs

Ohio law does more than prohibit drivers from operating motor vehicles under the influence of alcohol. The Ohio OVI statute specifically prohibits drivers from driving under the influence of drugs like marijuana, cocaine, heroin or prescription medications. If you are found to be operating a motor vehicle while under the influence of these drugs, the laws are very strict-you will probably be considered over the legal limit, even if you took only a small amount.

At the Cincinnati, Ohio law office of Ernst & Associates, LLC, we provide strong and effective defenses for people accused of drugged driving. We examine every element of your case. We will look at the legality of any search and can handle any criminal law charges, like drug offenses, that accompany a drugged driving arrest.

Challenging Chemical Tests

We challenge blood, breath and urine tests as part of a strong drugged driving defense. Some of these tests-like blood tests-must be drawn within three hours by a qualified nurse, doctor or phlebotomist. Collection techniques must be properly followed, samples must be properly labeled and properly stored in a refrigerated, vacuum-sealed container with an solid anticoagulant.

Urine tests could also be used to show the existence of drugs in a driver’s system. A large problem with urine tests, however, is that they tend to show what used to be in the driver’s system-not just what currently is. Certain drugs, like marijuana, can remain in the body up to 45 days. They may show up on urine tests even if the driver did not smoke before getting on the road.

A Wake-Up Call

For some people, a drugged driving arrest is a serious wake-up call. Some view it as hitting bottom. Others view it as a chance to stop before things get worse. If you believe that you may have a problem with drugs or drinking, we can help you seek treatment.

We may have you evaluated by a certified chemical dependency counselor who can help suggest a plan of action. If you have pursued treatment, this may even be an advantage to you in sentencing. Judges often go easier on individuals who have taken responsibility for their actions and gotten the help they need.

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