Repeat DUI arrests are serious matters, but DUI defense attorney Matthew Ernst uses in-depth knowledge and experience to help give his clients an edge in the courtroom. He keeps up on the latest technology, science and laws that affect people charged with drunk driving. In fact, there is even an Intoxilyzer right at our Cincinnati law office. He also has NHSTA field sobriety test certification, which gives him in-depth knowledge of how the tests should be administered.

At our Cincinnati, Ohio, law office, our forceful and in-depth approach helps us effectively represent clients who have been charged with repeat offender DUI:

  • Your second offense: If you are convicted of a second DUI within three six years, you may face jail time of ten or twenty days, mandatory immobilization of you vehicle, placement of mandatory yellow plates on your vehicle and/or an mandatory ignition interlock device. The mandatory fines increase for the second conviction in six years as well.
  • Your third offense: If you are convicted of a third DUI in six years, you may automatically forfeit your vehicle. You may also face mandatory jail time from 30-60 days, mandatory increased fines, mandatory attendance in an alcohol treatment program at your own expense, vehicle immobilization and your plates impounded and license suspension. and license suspension of up to 10 years. No limited privileges can be granted for six months and then limited privileges can only be granted with the ignition interlock and yellow restricted plates.

For some people, a second, third or fourth drunk driving arrest is a serious wake-up call. Some view it as hitting bottom. Others view it as a chance to stop before things get worse-like hitting someone while they were driving.

If you believe that you may have a problem with drugs or drinking, we can help you seek treatment. We may have you evaluated by a certified chemical dependency counselor who can help suggest a plan of action. If you have pursued treatment, this may even be an advantage to you in sentencing. Judges often go easier on drunk drivers who have taken responsibility for repeat offender DUI and gotten the help they need.

If you have been accused of repeat offender DUI, contact a lawyer for a strong DUI defense. Contact us by calling our office at 513-579-9500 or by sending us an e-mail. Our law office is conveniently located in downtown Cincinnati, near the courthouse. Initial consultations are free and confidential. Payment plans may be arranged for your convenience.