Cincinnati, OH
TLDR: Successful outcome, insanely responsive service, exceeded every expectation! I never thought I would end up in a situation requiring legal defense but I unfortunately did. While researching my original charges I found an article they wrote explaining my situation and gave them a call. I called late in the evening, way after normal working hours, expecting to leave a general voicemail but was shocked when a human being picked up the phone on the first ring! Within a few minutes I had explained my situation to an extremely courteous, knowledgeable, and empathic human, and received some sound advice before having to make any decisions. I was so impressed I hired them on the spot. From that moment on the communication and follow up was absolutely outstanding. I had a whole team working my case and received consistent updates via my preferred communication medium, text messages. They thoroughly prepared me before my court date and we won the case! My record is clean, my freedom is preserved! I went from feeling like the whole world was against me to having these superheroes show up and save the day. My wife and daughter have their dad because of these good people. When you're facing an uphill battle with no way out, this is the team you need to call!