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Our Client Testimonials

At Ernst & Associates, LLC, we are dedicated to getting clients the best possible outcomes and giving them a positive experience throughout their case. Below are a few of the client testimonials our team has received over the years. If you would like immediate help, please call our Cincinnati office now at 513-548-5544.

“I was referred to Ernst & Associates, LLC by a friend of mine who is a police officer that knew and trusted Matt Ernst. The team did an amazing job helping with my situation and putting my mind at ease. I felt completely safe and confident in their care. They were strategic, aggressive, straightforward, and I knew they all had my back. They told me that we were going to prepare for a trial from the beginning, but we didn’t even have to because Mr. Ernst was able to get me a great deal that wouldn’t affect the rest of my life. I don’t know what I would have done without them. I can’t recommend Matt Ernst and his entire staff enough!”
– Tony H.

“The team at Ernst & Associates, LLC saved my life. After 44 years of never having legal trouble, serving in the military, and having a career in medical sales, I found myself being accused of a serious crime I did not commit. I was facing jail time and losing my job. I trusted the firm every step of the way. They took my case all the way to trial and won. I was found not guilty and I could not be more grateful for every person at the firm that helped me.”
– Steven B.

“I found myself in a bad situation and needed the advice of an attorney at about 2AM. I called Ernst & Associates, LLC from the police station and to my surprise, they answered! I couldn’t believe that they took the time to talk me through everything and set an appointment to create a plan the very next day. I had never been in trouble with the law before and they guided me through the entire process. There was no doubt they knew exactly what they were doing and always seemed to be one step in front of the prosecutor. Now that I am on the other side of this, I can say with certainty that I hope to never need them again, but if anyone needs a lawyer, they are worth every penny.”
– Nick C.

“Not only did Ernst & Associates, LLC save me a lot of money, but they made the legal process stress-free and painless. I felt worthless, like a criminal, and Matt made me feel normal again. People make mistakes and I learned from mine. I felt as though I was given the royal treatment from every person I spoke with at the firm.”
– Chad W.

“I was looking for the best law firm in Cincinnati to represent me on serious charges. Without going into them specifically or my past, I was incredibly scared. I met with the team to discuss my case and I knew right away that they were going to do everything in their power to get my case dismissed. They were very upfront and honest that they could not guarantee a win even though they believed in my innocence. The entire team was not only incredibly professional and compassionate, but anyone could tell that their experience and connections within the court system are unparalleled.”
– Kim P.

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