For most people, it comes as a shock. You never thought when you started your car that you would be facing vehicular manslaughter or vehicular homicide charges. If you have killed someone in a car accident and the prosecutor believes you were either drunk or driving recklessly at the time, you could face vehicular homicide charges. If you simply violated a simple traffic violation and it ended in a fatal accident, you could face vehicular manslaughter charges.

Our founding attorney, Matthew T. Ernst, has been a vehicular homicide and manslaughter defense lawyer in Cincinnati for more than 15 years. Our firm provides aggressive and strategic criminal defense for clients in Cincinnati and throughout the Buckeye State. We can help you defend against these charges, so that you can move on with your life and your freedom.

Vehicular homicide can be caused by reckless driving or operating a vehicle under the influence (OVI) of drugs or alcohol. It is a felony charge, one that could result in prison time, severe fines, loss of driving privileges or a mandatory ignition interlock system. When the charges involve OVI, many of the penalties are mandatory rather than discretionary.

“If it is at all possible, call me before talking to the police. There is a lot more that I can do to help you if you get me involved early. Do not wait. Vehicular homicide is an extremely serious charge, and I can help you get the best outcome possible.” ∙ Matthew T. Ernst, Attorney at Law

Vehicular manslaughter in Ohio is a lesser offense than vehicular homicide. Whereas vehicular homicide requires a showing of reckless driving or driving under the influence, vehicular manslaughter only requires the showing of a traffic violation in connection with the fatal accident. The penalties, while a little less severe, are still extremely serious.

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