Child Custody Attorneys in Cincinnati Arranging a Fair Custody Agreement in Your Children’s Best Interests

Unmarried and divorcing couples with children have a lot of personal decisions to make when they decide to break up. This includes property division, alimony, and child support, to name a few. One of the most emotional decisions you can make in this process is deciding who your children should live with.

Many divorced couples with children end up in court as they cannot find a solution or reach an agreement on one or more issues, including parenting responsibilities related to child custody and child support. In an emotional process, this hang-up later becomes a legal issue and costs more time than you have and likely more money than either of you want to spend.

As you already have enough on both of your plates, our goal is to be part of the 90 percent of child custody cases that settle without a judge’s ruling. Our child custody attorneys are experienced in various family law matters, from simple to complex.

We help parents with children find common ground and reach a parenting agreement as quickly and efficiently as possible, without the added hassle and stress of a courtroom. Getting to these terms is possible with the help of an experienced family law attorney that can help both parties focus on what matters.

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How Is Child Custody Decided?

Both parties must reach a child custody arrangement to resolve your divorce first. The court will review the custody arrangement and determine whether the proposed setup is appropriate before finalizing your divorce.

If a couple cannot come up with a custody arrangement that’s in the best interest of their children, the court will likely step in and decide for you. It might not be your decision, so legal mediation might be wise before a costly trial with legal fees becomes necessary.

In a child custody case, a judge uses a set of criteria to reach a beneficial parenting agreement and child custody arrangement. These factors include:

  • The parents’ desire or wishes
  • The child’s wishes
  • The child’s relationship with parents and other family members
  • Current living arrangements and the child’s potential adjustment to a new home, school, or community
  • Mental and physical health of both parents
  • Which parent is more likely to honor the rules, including parenting time rights
  • Which parent is more likely to provide financial support or fail to pay child support

Our child custody attorneys are experienced in helping parents develop amicable solutions for child custody agreements, child support payments, and visitation schedules.

If you are going through the motions of custody with your spouse or partner without a clear resolution, it’s time to contact our law firm for the aggressive representation and support you need.

What are the Custody Options?

Two types of custody options exist—sole custody and shared parenting or “joint custody.” In sole custody, one parent is in control of making decisions for the child or children, including medical decisions, school attendance, and health insurance coverage, to name a few examples. Other responsibilities include covering essentials such as food, clothing, and housing.

Unless specific circumstances dictate otherwise, such as a domestic violence situation, the other parent without sole custody will have time with their child according to a visitation schedule or whatever arrangement both parents agree to.

With shared parenting or joint custody, both parents are granted rights and responsibilities for caring for the child or children. Because both parents are more involved in and responsible for significant decisions, this arrangement will require more communication, flexibility, and co-parenting to make it work for everyone involved, including the children.

When you seek sole custody, we reinforce the facts as to why you should be considered or help you and your ex-spouse come up with a mutual joint custody agreement that puts your children first.

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Are the Courts Biased in Child Custody Cases?

The role of parents in their children’s lives has changed drastically with the shift of generations, family values, and lifestyles. In the past, courts favored mothers in child custody arrangements, though since the 1990s, these changes have finally caught up with the legal system and been adopted by multiple states. This includes Ohio.

Forty percent of all states in the United States now aim to give equal custody time to mothers and fathers. As another example, Ohio now favors a shared parenting plan, even in high conflict divorces, to ensure the children maintain a positive relationship with both parents.

With parental rights in Ohio, the law states that the courts are not permitted to favor the father or the mother or show any gender bias when deciding on a child custody agreement. This decision should only reflect the best interests of the child or children, and this is the end goal the courts use to influence the best custody arrangement.

If you have good intentions, the means, and the ability to care for your children, we can help you fight for child custody. Another way we can support you is through legal representation through mediation to agree on a child custody agreement, visitation schedule, and parenting rights.

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How Can a Family Law Lawyer Remedy a Child Custody Dispute?

There are two sides to every divorce and child custody battle. Everyone believes they know what’s best for their children, though naturally, grieving and other emotion often gets in the way of logic and clear decision-making.

A family law attorney or child custody lawyer is the professional you call when you want to reach a peaceful agreement with your spouse regarding the care of your children, from determining custody, support payments, and how to facilitate and maintain a legal contract.

This professional relationship also includes facilitating basic logistics and taking the proper steps to ensure all decisions are legal, from filing the appropriate paperwork to communicating with other attorneys and coordinating with the local court.

We offer legal representation when parents cannot agree or need a legal defense to fight for custody. At the same time, we are here to provide support and solutions when people don’t follow their agreed-upon arrangements.

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