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DUI Attorneys in Cincinnati: Top Defense Strategies to Help Beat Your DUI Charges

When you hire Ernst & Associates to help you with your DUI charges in Ohio or Kentucky, you’re hiring a law firm that specializes in helping people charged with DUI. We use proven strategies that have helped hundreds of people in your exact situation either beat the rap completely or reduce the charges. We are always prepared to go to court to fight for your rights.

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about DUI charges in Ohio

A report conducted by the Columbus, OH, dispatch shows that a third of Ohio residents were arrested for drunk driving, though it wasn’t the first time they drove impaired. They just didn’t get caught the first time.

Ohio law prohibits operating a vehicle under the influence (OVI) and driving under the influence (DUI) of alcohol and controlled substances with a blood alcohol content (BAC) level of 0.08 percent or higher. Impaired driving puts you and other drivers on the road in grave danger.
There are growing concerns in Ohio, like many other states, about the role drunk driving plays in traffic accidents despite the different safety measures in place to prevent impaired driving. Car accidents are one of the primary causes of injuries, disabilities, and death. When alcohol is involved, inhibition is even lowered, and accidents can be catastrophic.
Holistically people don’t consider the consequences for their families when they get behind the wheel. A DUI offender’s family might suffer emotional and financial stress and instability, as the longstanding ramifications of a DUI conviction have a lasting impact on everyone involved.

All this to say, you and your family’s life will change after a DUI. If you are caught drinking and driving, the best way to beat a DUI conviction, reduce your sentence, or possibly get your charges dropped is to hire an experienced DUI attorney to build a DUI defense on your behalf.


About 30 percent of all car wrecks that cause fatalities are due to drunk driving. In 2020, there were 11,654 people killed in preventable car accidents. Despite these statistics, about 2.2 percent of adults in Ohio admit to driving after drinking too much.
As the state of Ohio invests in keeping its residents safe on the road and otherwise, police officers, judges, and the prosecution take drunk driving charges seriously, and the penalties are designed to support this.

However, as a first-time offender with no other prior convictions, you have a MUCH better chance of a positive result with the help of an experienced Cincinnati criminal defense attorney to negotiate an amended sentence or benefit from alternative sentencing.

A first-offense DUI conviction typically results in jail time of three days to a maximum of six months, fines of $375 to $1,075, and a license suspension of one to three years. Depending on how high your blood alcohol content (BAC) level was at the time of the arrest, you could also face additional sanctions, such as an ignition interlock device and yellow license plates.

In some cases, alternative sentencing might include enrollment into a driver intervention program or probation instead of jail. How a plea deal typically works to get to this type of arrangement is negotiated between our criminal defense attorney and the prosecuting attorney.

Without a DUI attorney representing you, you might not have the option to discuss an amended sentence or negotiate better terms. This is because the attorney knows the laws and any potential loopholes that could apply to your case.


A second DUI charge is considered a second offense if a driver is found guilty of driving a vehicle while impaired following a first offense in the last ten years. There are different sentencing options for a second-time offender, including:

The best-case scenario following a second DUI charge starts by hiring an experienced DUI lawyer with Ernst & Associates. Our law firm handles simple and complex DUI cases and repeat offenses.

An ambitious team of criminal defense attorneys, we focus on identifying every possible opportunity to overturn your charges and get your case dismissed or reduced to a lesser offense
If you are facing a second DUI charge and possible criminal charges, contact our law firm, and our criminal defense lawyers will get to work on building a DUI defense when you schedule our free consultation.


When you get in trouble with Ohio law, it’s not uncommon for people to think there’s no alternative or option. The thinking usually is that the consequences are what the consequences are.
This is true to some degree, and not all circumstances are the same, especially for individuals that might be innocent. Some of the common mistakes people make in a DUI offense are:
Now that you know the common mistakes taking careful steps to protect yourself is a priority following an arrest. This starts with how you interact with law enforcement. Police officers, if they have reasonable suspicion, will try to get you to share as much information as possible about your offense.

Law enforcement might say they are on your side, and you can trust them. Any information will be used against you during your case. Legally you must exit your vehicle upon request, but you are not legally required to have a conversation without your lawyer present.

Contact our law firm after your arrest to discuss a DUI defense with an experienced DUI lawyer.


A highly-experienced DUI lawyer will greatly increase your odds of success when facing a first or second offense or even a third offense and beyond. Our goal is to get you the best possible result in your case every single time.

Court is not a requirement for many DUI cases. Cases can be successfully resolved without going. However, we will always be prepared to go to court with you when necessary and negotiate an amended sentence or get your charges dropped altogether (where possible within the limits of the law).

All DUI cases are not the same. You ALWAYS have a fighting chance. This is especially true if you were wrongfully charged or law enforcement did not follow proper protocol in arresting you for the DUI charge.

Criminal defense attorneys are invaluable when managing and representing challenging criminal cases. Having this experience on your side is also critical to the final results of your issue if your impaired driving caused a collision and harmed another person or people in the process.

Clients come to us requiring assistance with all types of DUI cases, from 1st offense, 2nd offense, and far beyond. When you hire us to represent you, we will devote all of the time and attention your case requires until it’s resolved with the absolute best verdict possible.

Our DUI lawyers will review a variety of factors when handling your case, including the best plea deal for your specific circumstances. We will always challenge the prosecuting attorney and the judge to work the best result possible for you.

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