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Cincinnati criminal defense attorneys play a crucial role in the judicial system advocating for the rights of individuals accused of crimes. They are tasked with providing a strong defense for their clients, navigating the complexities of criminal law, and ensuring fair legal proceedings. Their expertise spans various unlawful acts, from minor infractions like petty theft to serious felonies, each carrying potential consequences that can impact an accused person's life significantly.

The legal professionals at Ernst & Associates are not only well-versed in the law but also adept at formulating defense strategies that cater to the unique circumstances of each case. We know criminal charges can hurt more than your pocketbook. A criminal conviction can hurt your chances of securing a job, home, and education. It can prevent you from enjoying activities like traveling. You might also become ineligible for specific professional certifications or rights.

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  • Our criminal law firm is a non-biased, neutral, and non-judgmental party and perspective in your criminal case, no matter the charge. This is why we scrutinize evidence, cross-examine witnesses, and negotiate with prosecutors, all while upholding their ethical duty to represent their clients zealously. The goal of our Cincinnati criminal defense advocates is to achieve the best possible outcome, whether that be a plea deal, dismissal, an acquittal, or the most favorable sentence if a conviction is unavoidable.
  • In the event of an arrest, the selection of a knowledgeable and experienced criminal defense attorney is a critical decision. It has a profound effect on the direction and outcome of a case. These lawyers provide counsel during police interrogations, guide clients through the bail process, and represent them throughout trial proceedings. We are here to serve as both legal advisors to police officers and advocates for those facing the daunting prospect of criminal charges.

How We Can Help You?

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If you are charged with driving under the influence or operating a vehicle
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Sex Crimes
Sex crimes pose severe penalties and our criminal defense attorneys
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Weapons Charges
Illegal firearms, if you are a convicted felon, will result in an extended sentence.
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Drug Crimes
From prescription drugs to other controlled substances, we can represent you
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Car Accidents
If you have been hurt in a car accident or you made a mistake
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Personal Injury
Our personal injury attorneys will help you resolve your personal injury case
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Family Law
We practice collaborative law to manage family legal situations, from divorce
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To avoid disputes and unnecessary legal battles, our collaborative attorneys
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Child Custody
With your children’s best interests in mind, our attorneys help you decide

Why Choose Ernst & Associates as Your Cincinnati Criminal Lawyers

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Ernst & Associates stands out as a preeminent criminal defense firm in Cincinnati, recognized for our adept handling of various legal challenges. With over 40 years of collective experience, our attorneys boast an impressive proven track record of successful case outcomes — a testament to their legal acumen and dedication.

Legal Experience and Track Record

Ernst & Associates' team is composed of seasoned lawyers with extensive experience in handling criminal cases. Our understanding of criminal defense is not just theoretical but honed by a history of practical and successful applications in court. We have proven outcomes in complex cases, as well as a deep understanding of diverse defense strategies.

A nuanced grasp of the Cincinnati court system sets Ernst & Associates apart. Our experience interacting with local judges and prosecutors provides clients with an informed approach to navigating trials and legal proceedings.

Our defense attorneys in Cincinnati have a firm grasp of court processes and personnel. In this way, we are able to offer tailored strategies that resonate with the local judiciary.

Our law firm always adopts an assertive and efficient approach to criminal defense. Our strategies are carefully planned, executed with precision, and remain adaptable to the dynamics of each case.

Aggressive legal advocacy for client rights is only the beginning of what we do! Effective communication of defense narratives is vital for a successful outcome for your case, and it’s something we take very seriously.

In choosing the Cincinnati criminal defense attorneys at Ernst & Associates, clients can expect a legal team that works not only with the knowledge of the law but also with a perceptive understanding of the subtleties within the Cincinnati legal system. Clients receive focused and vigorous representation aimed at securing the most favorable outcomes.

In choosing the Cincinnati criminal defense attorneys at Ernst & Associates, clients can expect a legal team that works not only with the knowledge of the law but also with a perceptive understanding of the subtleties within the Cincinnati legal system. Clients receive focused and vigorous representation aimed at securing the most favorable outcomes.
Matthew T. Ernst founding lawyer
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Navigating The Ohio Court System

One of the most important attributes your attorney should have is familiarity with these courts. Your lawyer should know each judge and each prosecutor and know what to expect from each.

Key Criminal Defense Attorney Services Offered

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Our Cincinnati criminal defense lawyers provide a spectrum of legal services tailored to protect the constitutional rights of individuals accused of crimes. Their expertise in criminal matters spans from minor infractions to severe charges, ensuring their clients receive the robust defense they're entitled to. Felony Defense: The Cincinnati defense attorneys at Ernst & Associates are equipped to handle felony charges, which carry significant penalties including prison time. They scrutinize the evidence, engage in plea bargain negotiations, and represent clients vigorously in court. Ernst & Associates is known for our comprehensive approach to challenging serious criminal accusations. Misdemeanor Defense: For misdemeanor offenses, which typically result in less severe punishments, defense lawyers provide diligent representation to minimize the impact on the accused’s life. Our services include negotiating for reduced charges and advocating for alternative sentencing strategies. DUI Defense: Defense against Driving Under the Influence (DUI), now called Operating Under the Influence (OVI), charges requires understanding complex legal arguments and scientific evidence. Lawyers at Ernst & Associates offer representation that encompasses legal options for license restoration, contesting breath, urine, and blood tests, and disputing the traffic stop’s legality. Drug Crime Defense: Attorneys specializing in drug crime defense deal with offenses ranging from possession to trafficking. Our team will develop defense strategies that might involve challenging the legality of the search and seizure, the substance's classification, and the intent to distribute. Sex Crime Defense: Charges of sex crimes bear substantial stigma and consequences. Our legal defense services include scrutinizing the credibility of witnesses, contesting evidence, and navigating the complexities of sex crime laws to protect clients' reputations and freedoms. White-Collar Crime Defense: For individuals accused of white-collar crimes such as fraud, embezzlement, or insider trading, our law firm offers a strategic defense. We will emphasize exhaustive, thorough investigation, and evidence analysis to advocate effectively for our clients in civil and criminal proceedings. Juvenile Defense: When representing minors in juvenile criminal defense cases, our lawyers approach cases with an understanding of juvenile law's distinct nature. Defense services involve working for rehabilitation opportunities and protecting the minor's future from the long-term impact of a criminal record.
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Client Success Story!

Our Cincinnati criminal defense lawyers have garnered notable accolades through dedicated representation of their clients. Here are some distilled experiences from individuals who have benefited from our services:

You can read more success stories on our website’s testimonials page. Each story reflects the tenacity and skill of our Cincinnati defense attorneys, demonstrating their commitment to their clients' legal rights and personal well-being. Our lawyers work to ensure that each client receives a fair trial and the best possible outcome given the circumstances of their case.

Understanding Criminal Law in Cincinnati

Criminal law in Cincinnati is complex, with various charges ranging from minor offenses to more serious charges and felonies. A dependable defense is vital for those facing accusations to navigate the intricacies of each case.

Crimes are categorized as felonies or misdemeanors. Felonies are severe offenses with potential state prison time, while misdemeanors often result in smaller fines and local jail sentences. Our defense attorneys are well versed in the nuances of federal crimes in each class to argue effectively for their clients.

  • Felonies: Potential imprisonment over 6 months in state penitentiary
  • Misdemeanors: Fines and/or jail up to 6 months per offense (max 18 months)

Being charged with a DUI is a serious matter, entailing a step-by-step legal process. Initially, there’s an arrest followed by arraignment and, if contested, a trial. Our DUI defense lawyers often challenge the evidence and negotiate plea deals to minimize consequences.

Drug crimes carry varying penalties based on the substance’s schedule and the crime’s nature. Defenses for felony crimes can include unlawful search and seizure or proving a lack of intent. Lawyers must be familiar with federal courts and with drug scheduling and precedents in defenses to protect clients’ rights.
  • Schedule I: Highest potential for abuse, severe penalties
  • Schedule V: Lower potential for abuse, lighter penalties
Common defenses for drug crimes include an unlawful search, as well as a lack of knowledge.
Sex crime allegations can lead to harsh repercussions, including mandatory registration as a sex offender. Attorneys focus on scrutinizing evidence, police reports and witness testimonies. Consent and mistaken identity are frequent defense strategies in these cases.

White-collar crimes in Cincinnati — such as fraud, embezzlement, and money laundering — are complex due to the financial transactions involved. Legal practitioners require a detailed understanding of financial laws and judicial precedent to create a strong defense.

Key defenses include lacking fraudulent intent or entrapment. Often, forensic accounting plays a role in criminal defense cases through evidence analysis.

The juvenile justice system differs from adult proceedings, focusing more on rehabilitation than punishment. Defense attorneys advocate for alternatives to incarceration, emphasizing a youths’ future prospects and reduced culpability.

Main considerations for these crimes include a rehabilitation focus, as well as reduced culpability. Our lawyers will argue for alternatives to incarceration time, such as diversion programs and probation.

Main considerations for these crimes include a rehabilitation focus, as well as reduced culpability. Our lawyers will argue for alternatives to incarceration time, such as diversion programs and probation.
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Free Case Evaluation and Consultation

When facing criminal charges in Cincinnati, securing a competent criminal defense lawyer here is paramount. The process begins at Ernst & Associates with a free consultation or initial consultation where the lawyer will meet with the potential client to discuss the specifics of the case. This first meeting is crucial as it gives both parties an opportunity to evaluate the situation and decide on the next steps.

Key Steps during Consultation:

Gathering Information:

The attorney will collect all relevant facts from the client. This includes the charges, the circumstances of the arrest, and any evidence the prosecution may have.

Legal Insight:

The attorney provides insights on potential defense strategies based on the information provided.

Benefits of a Free Consultation:

Assessment of Case:

The criminal defense attorney gets a clear picture of the criminal case and complexities.

Strategy Development:

An opportunity arises to discuss defense strategies tailored to the case.

Financial Transparency:

Costs and fees associated with the case are outlined, avoiding surprises later.

Prospective clients should come prepared with any documents that pertain to their case, such as arrest reports or witness statements. Details shared during consultations are confidential, safeguarding the client’s privacy and legal rights.

Selecting the right attorney is a significant decision. The consultation allows clients to gauge an attorney’s experience and approach. A Cincinnati criminal defense attorney understands that the initial consultation is a pivotal stage that sets the tone for how the case may proceed, and they approach it with the seriousness it demands.

Criminal Defense Strategies

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Criminal defense strategies employed are varied and depend on the specifics of each case. A Cincinnati criminal defense attorney often assess the evidence, eyeing any procedural mistakes and avenues for suppressing unlawfully obtained evidence.

We meticulously analyze the charges against our client, sifting through inconsistencies or legal flaws that may benefit the defense. Identifying weaknesses in the prosecution’s case is pivotal.

If applicable, a strong alibi is presented, showcasing evidence that the defendant was not present at the time of the criminal offense itself.

Agreeing to a plea bargain can sometimes be for the best for several reasons. A plea bargain involves the defendant pleading guilty to a lesser charge than the one originally filed, which can result in lighter sentencing and potentially fewer long-term consequences. Along with reduced charges, plea bargains often come with a recommendation for a reduced sentence. This can mean less time in custody or alternative forms of punishment like probation or community service.

It’s important to note that the decision to accept a plea bargain should be made after careful consideration and consultation with a competent attorney who can advise the defendant on the risks and benefits in the context of their specific case. We will never push you into a plea bargain you aren’t comfortable with.

Attorneys may question the credibility of prosecution witnesses to create reasonable doubt.

In certain situations, claiming self-defense might be strategic, emphasizing the defendant acted lawfully to protect themselves. Here are some circumstances where claiming self-defense might be beneficial:

#1 Imminent Threat The accused individual faced an immediate and credible threat to their safety or the safety of others. Self-defense is typically only justifiable if the threat is imminent and cannot be avoided.

#2 Proportionate Response The force used in self-defense was proportional to the threat. This means that the individual used no more force than was necessary to fend off the attack.

#3 Reasonable Belief The individual had a reasonable belief that they or someone else was in danger of being harmed. The belief must be one that a reasonable person in the same situation would have held.

Filing motions to exclude evidence obtained in violation of the defendant’s rights is common, striving to weaken the prosecution’s case.

Enlisting witness testimony from forensic experts or specialists can bolster the defense through technical or scientific testimony.

Each strategy is informed by exhaustive legal understanding and aims to construct an efficient and aggressive defense tailored to the nuances of the individual case. While defense approaches are designed to be assertive, they remain constrained by ethical obligations and legal standards, embodying a balanced combination of zealous advocacy and adherence to the rule of law.
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Meet Our Team Of Experts

Our firm is staffed with a robust ensemble of lawyers who specialize in criminal defense. We collectively present an array of courtroom experiences and successful case outcomes. Each brings a unique set of skills, fostering a comprehensive defense approach for their clients.

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Matthew Ernst
Founding Attorney
Jagdeep Sangha Attorney
Jagdeep Sangha
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Connor Reilly
Jessica Hannika Practice Manager
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Adam Schaney Client Liaison
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Client Liaison
Kaitlin Owen In-House Legal Nurse
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In-House Legal Nurse Consultant

Navigating the Cincinnati Court System

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When individuals are faced with criminal charges in Cincinnati, understanding the local court system is crucial. The process begins when the accused is arraigned before a judge in the Hamilton County Municipal Court if the charges are misdemeanors, or the Hamilton County Court of Common Pleas for felony charges. Key Stages in the Cincinnati Criminal Court Process:
  1. 1. Arraignment: The defendant is formally informed of the charges and asked to enter a plea.
  2. 2. Pre-Trial Hearings: Issues such as evidence admissibility and plea negotiations are discussed.
  3. 3. Trial: If the case proceeds to trial, it occurs in the appropriate court, where a judge or jury evaluates the evidence.
Defendants of violent crimes should be aware that the Municipal Court handles lesser offenses, while more serious crimes are overseen by the Court of Common Pleas. Each court has its specific procedures and rules, and navigating these effectively often requires the expertise of a seasoned criminal defense attorney. Knowledge of the system and professional assistance are the keys to navigating the Cincinnati court system effectively. Individuals are encouraged to seek out legal counsel and representation to guide them through the technicalities of the criminal justice system, and to ensure their rights are protected. Defense lawyers with local experience, like those on our team, are instrumental in managing court appearances, interpreting legal jargon, and formulating a defense strategy.
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