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Traffic tickets and petty traffic offenses seem innocent at first. It’s not uncommon for people to view traffic tickets as an inconvenience rather than a potentially serious criminal matter.

Some traffic tickets are petty offenses, while others, being criminal offenses such as driving under the influence (DUI), can lead to criminal penalties. People do not realize a driving offense’s impact on your driving record and future. Accumulating several traffic tickets could even cause you to lose your driving privileges.

Criminal traffic tickets, for instance, include OVIs, reckless driving, driving with a suspended or revoked license, hit and run, excessive speeding, and fleeing the scene of a crash. Non-criminal traffic offenses include unpaid or overdue parking meters, illegally parking in a handicapped zone, failing to use a turn signal and speeding.

The best way to avoid the potentially severe consequences of traffic tickets is to contact a traffic lawyer about your situation. Our criminal defense attorneys with Ernst & Associates have experience in simple and complex traffic offenses.

We provide ambitious and savvy defense when you need representation for a speeding ticket, moving violation, or another traffic-related offense. You can contact us to discuss your legal options and book a free consultation to speak with an experienced Cincinnati criminal defense attorney who works in criminal defense and specifically has experience in traffic court.


Speeding tickets, accidents, and other traffic tickets can add up over time and remove points from your driver’s license. This or too many points can eventually lead to a license suspension and increased insurance rates, among other consequences.

Traffic tickets occur when a driver violates the laws that regulate vehicle operation on streets and highways, per Most Ohio traffic violations are “strict-liability” violations, and no particular criminal intent is required to convict a person of the offense.

Major traffic offenses can come in many forms. Regardless of the type of conviction, it can carry extreme consequences. If you get convicted of enough violations and have 12-points on your license you will lose your driving privileges. If you are convicted of an OVI you will lose your driving privileges. Each subsequent OVI carries harsher penalties, more jail time and a longer license suspension. Enough convictions can even lead to a lifetime suspension.

Our Cincinnati traffic lawyer team handles a broad spectrum of traffic tickets, including:

  • Moving Violations

  • Driving on a suspended license

  • Speeding

  • Street racing

  • Ignoring traffic signals/stop signs

  • Passing a stopped school bus

  • Driving on a revoked license

  • Reckless driving

  • Drunk driving

If you plead guilty to traffic violations and don’t consider other options, such as legal representation, these offenses can become a thorn in your side. Avoid legal issues and contact a Cincinnati criminal defense lawyer with Ernst & Associates for advice through our free initial consultation.


Most people have the same knee-jerk reaction to a traffic violation: simply paying the traffic ticket as quickly as possible. You can pay for the traffic ticket or plead guilty, which are essentially the same. Paying the ticket will accept the charge and be on your record.

On the other hand, getting legal representation could put you in a completely different position. A traffic tickets attorney might be able to reduce your charges or get your offense dropped altogether.

Never ignore or avoid a traffic ticket violation. If you fail to attend your court date or pay the fine, your information will be submitted to the state. As such, you could get your commercial driver’s license suspended, or the state may refuse to issue you a new driver’s license. The point is to get legal representation to increase your odds of success with your traffic violation or significantly more severe offenses.

Ohio law only provides a limited amount of time to challenge the accusation of a traffic violation. Consulting an attorney quickly is the best way to learn what timelines you face and any potential consequences of your choices. This might include pleading guilty or going to court to see if reduced charges are possible.

If you have a traffic ticket and need to pay it before it leads to other legal issues, contact our traffic lawyer with Ernst & Associates to see how we can help your case.


According to, police officers issue 112,000 tickets daily for different driving offenses.

Not all traffic offenses hurt your insurance rates. For example, non-moving violations, or when your car is parked, can include parking tickets and vehicle violations like a broken light and expired registration. These may not increase your premiums.

Misdemeanor traffic offenses are more severe than traffic infractions. Tailgating, speeding, and passing through a red light or stop sign will result in fines and points on your record and raise your insurance premiums.

According to, car insurance rates increase by about 32 percent with a speeding ticket on your driving record. The same article shows that even a minor violation with no prior offenses can still cause you to be considered high-risk to insure.

As a young driver, it’s even tougher to financially manage the effects of a speeding ticket. Young drivers are more prone to car accidents than experienced drivers, so they are often viewed as a liability. Drivers under 25 can expect to pay 50 percent more than the original insurance cost after a speeding ticket.

To better understand the implications of your traffic violation or how it might impact your insurance rates and driving record, contact Ernst & Associates for more information.


With the right legal representation, contesting a traffic violation is possible. Pleading guilty and accepting the charge is never your only option, and that goes for simple and more serious traffic offenses.

We will challenge your traffic offense to reduce your charge, eliminate fines, and possibly decrease your point loss. The first step is calling our legal team to discuss your reckless driving ticket or other traffic offense to discuss how we can combat them. We will answer questions related to:

  • Getting your case possibly dismissed
  • Paying your ticket
  • How can our attorneys help you before and after your case
  • Court fees, ticket fines, and legal fees
  • Your driving record
  • Possible implications such as driver’s license suspension

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