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There are many different types of chargeable sex crimes in the State of Ohio. Rape, sexual assault, sexual battery, and child pornography possession are just a few of them.

It’s important for you to know this harsh reality: regardless of the sex crime charge, just being accused of one or more of those sex crime charges can change your life, forever. Sex crime charges carry a negative stigma, even before you’re guilty or convicted. If someone has accused you of a sex crime or you face a sex crime charge, your protection needs to contact a lawyer before you speak with the police.

Know that law enforcement, in this instance, is not on your side. Their job is to help the prosecutor, and their task is to get as much information out of you as possible to charge you with later. They might even try to convince you to open up about the situation, falsely stating it will help your case. Falling for those misleading statements will only hurt your case. An attorney is the only non-biased professional you can trust in a sex crime case to keep a neutral perspective and support you when all authority figures are against you.

A sex crime conviction means you must register as a sex offender, forever. You will also be subject to restrictions on where you can live and the types of jobs you can do.

At Ernst & Associates, LLC, we’ve successfully represented people accused of sex crimes for decades. We understand that the ability to live your life is at stake. In the face of serious allegations against you, we fight every step of the way to get your charges reduced or dismissed altogether. Before speaking with the police, we strongly recommend that you discuss your options with us. This will help to ensure you are protecting your rights in the best way possible.

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All sex crimes are serious, including sexual abuse, sexual assault, child pornography possession, statutory rape, and other sex offenses. Some sex crimes, however, carry harsher penalties than others. While the most severe form of this crime is rape, charges of sexual battery are usually filed in the following circumstances:

The sentence for sexual offenses like sexual battery is a third-degree felony with a prison sentence of one to five years. Like other sex crimes, the penalties depend on the alleged crime’s severity and the circumstances surrounding it.

A conviction at any level will result in time behind bars, and you will become a registered sex offender through the Ohio Sex Offender Registry. With sex crime cases, rely on the experience of Ernst & Associates, LLC to provide you with a defense and hope for the future.


Rape typically involves forcing another person to engage in sexual intercourse, anal sex, or another sexual activity involving some form of penetration. The act of rape is always against another person’s will.

In Ohio, convicted sex offenders of sex crimes such as rape face a first-degree felony. A conviction will result in a sentence of at least three to five years in prison for first-time offenders. Those convicted of rape will also face fines and be subject to post-release monitoring.

Many rape cases include aggravating factors. These are typically violent acts that influence a person’s sentence.

Aggravating factors might include threatening to harm or kill the victim, forcefully restraining a victim or introducing other violent acts, drugging a victim or engaging in sexual penetration with an unconscious victim, and using an authoritative position (such as a coach or teacher) to engage in non-consensual sex.

We work hard to challenge the narrative against you and fight on your behalf to get your sex crime charges reduced or dismissed. Acting quickly is critical to building a solid defense. If you have been charged with rape, you should contact us immediately and speak with a criminal defense lawyer.


Gross sexual imposition is using force, the threat of force, or alcohol or drugs to reduce the control or judgment of another person as a means of engaging in a sexual act. Many situations could prompt a sexual imposition accusation, and some people may not know their actions are wrong or could be considered a criminal offense.

Think about a college party as one example. Two people meet, and as alcohol is introduced throughout the evening, one thing leads to another. In the morning, one person accuses another of sexual misconduct, though no one remembers the details clearly. But who is right in this situation?

Sexual interactions with people under 13 are also considered gross sexual imposition. Gross sexual imposition is a felony, and a conviction carries severe penalties, including a fine, time behind bars, and registering as a sex offender.

Gross sexual imposition can be complex and tough to prove for some of the reasons mentioned. You don’t want to be caught in a situation where you are accused and convicted of a sexual crime even though there’s no evidence or false evidence, or you are innocent and wrongly accused.

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The law says that you are innocent until proven guilty, though, in the court of public opinion, people accused of sex crimes are often assumed guilty before any details of the alleged crime are known. Talking with a lawyer first is not an admission of guilt but a wise choice to protect your rights and reputation.

Depending on the sex crime, there are different legal defenses for gross sexual imposition, sexual assault, sexual battery, and rape, among others.

As the criminal justice system does not go easy on alleged or convicted sex offenders, our role in your sex crimes case is to use these defenses to reduce your sentence or push for dropped charges, as it makes sense.

This could include considering the validity of the evidence, the statute of limitations, the motivation of the accuser, and the lack of evidence or commission of proof. Drawing from our years of experience with sex crime cases, we will use every angle possible to achieve successful results in your case.

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