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At Ernst & Associates, we understand the gravity of DUI charges and the potential repercussions they entail. Our comprehensive range of services encompasses DUI defense, OVI defense, traffic ticket defense, and more, ensuring that our clients receive expert legal representation tailored to their individual needs.

Sometimes, a DUI is more than “just a DUI.” Those associated with aggravating factors can be dubbed a “Super DUI.” When you choose Ernst & Associates as your Super DUI lawyers in Ohio, you can trust in our unwavering commitment to protecting your rights and achieving the best possible outcome for your case.

What Is a Super DUI in Ohio?

The term “Super DUI” is not an official legal term. However, it is sometimes informally used to refer to DUI offenses that involve aggravating factors, such as a very high blood alcohol concentration (BAC) at or above a .170 for breath, .238 for urine, and .204 for plasma/serum. These cases typically carry harsher penalties and consequences compared to standard DUI offenses.

It’s essential to consult with a qualified Ohio Super DUI attorney if you are facing any DUI-related charges, but especially if they involve aggravating factors often associated with the informal term “Super DUI.”

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The Differences Between a Super DUI and a Regular DUI in Ohio

Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC): A standard DUI offense in Ohio involves driving with a BAC above the legal limit of 0.08%. In contrast, a Super DUI may involve an exceptionally high BAC, often significantly above the legal limit.

Penalties: While both standard DUI offenses and Super DUIs can result in penalties such as fines, license suspension, mandatory alcohol education programs, and possible incarceration, the penalties for Super DUIs are generally more severe due to the aggravating factors involved.

Legal Representation From an Ohio Super DUI Attorney: Given the increased complexity and severity of Super DUI cases, individuals facing these charges often require more specialized legal representation from experienced DUI attorneys who understand how to navigate the nuances of such cases and advocate effectively on their behalf.

The severity of DUI offenses is typically determined based on the specific circumstances of each case and relevant legal statutes. If you are facing DUI charges in Ohio, consulting with a qualified DUI attorney is essential to understand the potential consequences and develop an effective defense strategy tailored to your situation. Call on our team, as we provide expert Super DUI defense in Ohio.

Understanding the Possible Penalties and Consequences of a Super DUI Conviction

A Super DUI conviction will most likely result in more severe penalties and consequences compared to a standard DUI offense. While the specific penalties may vary depending on the circumstances of the case and the defendant’s prior record, here are some possible consequences of a Super DUI conviction:

Increased Fines

The fines for a Super DUI conviction are typically higher than those for a standard DUI offense. These fines can range from hundreds to thousands of dollars, depending on the severity of the offense and any prior convictions.

License Suspension or Revocation

A Super DUI conviction may result in a longer period of license suspension or even permanent revocation of driving privileges. This can significantly impact the individual’s ability to travel to work, school, or other essential activities.

Mandatory Alcohol Treatment Programs

In addition to any fines or jail time, individuals convicted of a Super DUI may be required to attend mandatory alcohol treatment programs or counseling sessions. These programs aim to address alcohol abuse issues and reduce the likelihood of future offenses.

Ignition Interlock Device

In some cases, individuals convicted of a Super DUI may be required to install an ignition interlock device (IID) on their vehicle. This device requires the driver to pass a breathalyzer test before starting the vehicle, serving as a deterrent against drunk driving.


A Super DUI conviction may also result in a period of probation, during which the individual must comply with certain conditions set by the court. Violating the terms of probation can lead to additional penalties, including jail time.

Jail or Prison Sentence

Depending on the severity of the offense and any prior convictions, individuals convicted of a Super DUI may face significant jail or prison sentences. Repeat offenders or those involved in accidents causing injury or death are particularly at risk of incarceration.

Permanent Criminal Record

A DUI conviction, especially a Super DUI, can have long-lasting consequences. This includes a permanent criminal record. This record can negatively impact employment opportunities, housing options, and other aspects of the individual’s life.

Increased Insurance Rates

A Super DUI conviction often leads to a substantial increase in insurance premiums or difficulty obtaining coverage, as insurers view individuals with DUI convictions as high-risk drivers.

Given the serious nature of the potential penalties and consequences associated with a Super DUI conviction in Ohio, it’s crucial for individuals facing such charges to seek legal representation from an experienced DUI attorney. The attorneys on our team at Ernst & Associates can provide guidance and advocacy throughout the legal process.

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How Ernst & Associates Can Help in Defending Against a Super DUI Charge

Ernst & Associates is well-equipped to provide comprehensive legal representation and defense strategies for individuals facing a Super DUI charge in the state of Ohio. Here’s how we can assist in defending against a Super DUI charge and the legal strategies commonly employed by our firm:

#1 We Provide Thorough Case Evaluation: Our experienced Super DUI lawyers in Ohio conduct a thorough evaluation of the case, examining all evidence and circumstances surrounding the arrest to identify potential weaknesses in the prosecution’s case.

#2 We Will Challenge Evidence and Procedures: We scrutinize the evidence collected by law enforcement, including field sobriety tests, breathalyzer results, and police reports, to identify any inaccuracies or procedural errors that may undermine the prosecution’s case. We may be able to get the case thrown out all together.

#3 We Possess Negotiation Skills: We leverage our negotiation skills and experience to pursue favorable plea bargains or reduced charges, particularly in cases involving multiple DUI offenses or aggravating factors.

#4 We Will Bring in Expert Witnesses: When necessary, we enlist the expertise of qualified expert witnesses, such as forensic toxicologists or accident reconstruction specialists, to provide testimony and support our defense strategy.

#5 We Can Bring Up Constitutional Challenges: We may challenge the legality of the arrest, the admissibility of evidence, or the constitutionality of sobriety checkpoints or other law enforcement practices that may have violated our client’s rights.

#6 We Will Ask for Diversion Programs: In appropriate cases, an Ohio Super DUI attorney advocates for our clients’ participation in diversion programs or alternative sentencing options, such as alcohol treatment programs, which may result in reduced charges or dismissal of the case.

#7 We Provide Trial Representation: If the case proceeds to trial, we provide aggressive and skilled representation in court, presenting compelling arguments and evidence to challenge the prosecution’s case and advocate for our client’s innocence or a favorable outcome.

#8 We Also Offer Post-Conviction Relief: In cases where a conviction has occurred, we assist clients in pursuing post-conviction relief, such as appeals or petitions for sentence reduction or record sealing. This is done to mitigate the long-term consequences of a Super DUI conviction.

At Ernst & Associates, we understand the serious implications of Super DUI charges and are committed to providing our clients with vigorous defense representation and personalized legal strategies tailored to their unique circumstances. Our goal is to achieve the best possible outcome for our clients, protecting their rights and future opportunities.

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