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One in three first marriages will end within ten years, and one in five will end within five years, according to divorcenet.com. Second marriages that end, for those that remarry, are slightly less than first marriages—nearly seven years for men and more than six years for women.

Marriages end for several reasons, and there are three ways to dissolve a relationship, including:

When you need legal guidance, direction, and a neutral perspective, please turn to the experience of our family law attorneys to make the best decisions for you, your children, and your family as you end your marriage.

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The divorce process requires time and patience as there are many steps, paperwork, and layers to work through. If you and your spouse decide to dissolve your marriage, our family law attorneys can brief you on what to expect from a time frame, cost, and other related details.

There are two types of divorces—contested and uncontested. The route of divorce you choose will determine how quick, simple, or challenging the process will be.

A conflict-free divorce, otherwise known as an uncontested divorce, is possible when you and your spouse agree on terms, spousal support, child support, and property division ahead of divorce proceedings. Without legal litigation, this process usually takes 30-90 days.

A contested divorce is likely when two spouses can’t agree on the divorce process, parenting issues, child custody, or other related matters. The Ohio Supreme Court guidelines say a contested divorce without children could be resolved one year after filing, or a case with children could take up to 18 months. A contested divorce can take longer if more assets are involved or ongoing disputes occur.

In the most complex and contentious of divorces, Ernst & Associates, LLC can help you make efficient and rational decisions regarding your finances, children, property, and housing to ensure you get what you’re entitled to while also reaching a final resolution.

We can help set expectations with your divorce process and walk you through the necessary steps to reach your goal. Contact us and book a free consultation.


Both spouses have a say in how they want their marital property divided through a separation agreement. This document is shared with the court at the start of divorce proceedings and is your ability to help control the outcome.

The court presumes that both spouses contribute equally to all marital property they acquire during the marriage, according to divorcenet.com. In Ohio, an equitable property division does not have to be equal, as in 50/50 per se, though it does have to be fair.

For example, a judge might grant certain assets to one spouse over the other depending on both spouses’ past efforts and future needs. The factors considered, per the same source, typically include:

One advantage of working with Ernst & Associates, LLC is that we are collaborative professionals. We don’t just go through the motions with family law matters; we consider your overall situation, goals, and needs as part of reaching a final resolution.

We are one of the Ohio law firms exclusively practicing family law, and our focus is on helping families recover from divorce. Contact us and book a free consultation with our law firm to discuss your rights in divorce and how you anticipate moving forward.


There is never a good, right or convenient way to end a marriage. Divorce is never an easy decision, even when it’s necessary.

When it’s time to move forward, Ohio recognizes fault and no-fault grounds for divorce. A no-fault divorce might mean you and your spouse no longer get along, or you can’t work through your relationship issues.

A fault divorce might include adultery, domestic violence, willful absence (for more than one year), extreme cruelty, habitual drunkenness, and gross neglect of duty or imprisonment. The catch in a fault divorce is that a judge will not grant it unless a witness supports the testimony of the complaining party.

The signs and knowing when the right time to get a divorce is different for everyone, as every relationship is unique. More urgent signs could include drug addiction, repeated infidelity, and patterns of abuse, especially if you and your children are in danger.

In practicing family law, our attorneys regularly help families through the ups and downs of divorce. Contact us today to discuss your divorce case.


Divorce attorneys help families work through one of their most emotional and life-changing experiences. We advocate for our clients early on and discuss factors and decisions impacting your future, such as child support, alimony, child custody, and the marital division of assets.

In practicing family law for several years, we understand the unique position that you’re in and that it can sometimes feel isolating. Trust is important in this process, and we strive to create favorable terms for everyone involved to lessen the burden, stress, and financial strain.

Our divorce lawyers in Cincinnati are a turnkey solution for your divorce, from help with decision-making, filing the proper paperwork, and negotiating with the opposing attorney as disputes or conflicts arise. As your partner, we protect your rights at every stage of the process.

Ernst & Associates, LLC puts families first and always has your children’s best interest in mind if they are part of your divorce. We help you avoid unnecessary legal issues, work through conflict, and determine spousal support and a child custody arrangement that fits your new family dynamics.

Contact our family law attorneys with Ernst & Associates, LLC at 513-548-5544 to discuss the next steps in your divorce case.