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The purpose of a family law attorney is to help families navigate challenging moments in their life. Family law attorneys typically step in when problems need to be resolved, though some happy moments demand family law services, such as adoption.

Our law firm is a go-to resource and source of support as legal family matters arise. Our legal team provides experienced family law services, support, and alternative dispute resolution methods to families throughout the Cincinnati, OH, area.

The legal services Ernst & Associates, LLC offers pertaining to family law issues include:

Resolve family matters, free yourself from unnecessary disagreements, and work through conflict healthily and respectfully to benefit you, your spouse, and your children. We will focus on your and your spouse’s interests and your children’s and long-term goals to ensure the next chapter of your relationship gets off on the right foot.

Contact Ernst & Associates, LLC, with any family law matter you need to resolve. We have experience in a variety of family-related legal issues. You can schedule an initial consultation with our experienced family law lawyers to review your case and discuss your needs.


Domestic violence isn’t just physical. A spouse or family member can subject a loved one or another spouse to sexual violence, emotional violence, psychological violence, financial abuse, and spiritual violence.

Suffering from domestic violence in silence is painful and has life-long consequences. If you are in a marriage or relationship and you are being abused, or your children are being abused, our family lawyers are experienced in handling sensitive cases like this.

From the moment you contact our law firm, we will keep your case confidential, and our family law lawyers will devote our time and attention to helping you make safe decisions. This might include helping you apply for a temporary or permanent protective order in court to prevent further domestic violence and harm to you or your children.

Folks in domestic violence situations often feel isolated and scared of the future, as well as other conflicting feelings when going through the divorce or breakup process. We try to make the process as simple as possible while keeping your well-being in mind.

If you are a victim of domestic violence and your safety is at risk, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our family law attorneys so we can help protect you from further harm. Please know that we will never share your information and will ensure your story remains confidential from start to finish.


With a collaborative law process, a family law lawyer can offer problem-solving-focused mediation services, guidance, and legal counsel to help spouses make important decisions in their divorce, from living arrangements to visitation schedules to parenting time.

It’s up to the parents to first agree on a possible arrangement for their children as part of the divorce process. A family law lawyer can guide this discussion and step in as disputes arise. This can include identifying one parent to take on sole custody responsibilities or a shared parenting arrangement.

A parent with sole custody is awarded the ultimate decision-making responsibilities of the children, including medical choices, healthcare treatment, religious beliefs, education, and more. In a shared custody situation, both parents have equal rights to make decisions for the children.

Ohio Legislature has removed the term custody to treat both parents equally in the child custody process. Instead, it allocates parental rights and responsibilities to the care of the children. Unlike the outdated child custody process, parents will be assigned a parenting schedule and visitation rights to put children’s interests first, per divorcenet.com.

Determining the best arrangement for your children alongside other collaborative professionals in the child custody and divorce process can create a seamless experience for everyone involved.

When you need assistance with a child custody arrangement or you need to work through a dispute, our mediation services and support will help you determine the best path forward. Contact our family law lawyers and book an initial consultation to find out how we can support you.


A collaborative divorce challenges the traditional divorce model, a transactional legal process between attorneys and spouses until a resolution is reached. It is a hybrid between traditional divorce and divorce mediation.

Collaborative law is an alternative to the former divorce model, focusing instead on resolving disputes and working through issues with the guidance of attorneys and other like-minded professionals such as therapists, financial advisors, mental health providers, and more. The process of divorce is a life-changing decision, and as such, the diversity of these experts helps with decision-making that impacts both parties financially, spiritually, and mentally.

Ernst & Associates, LLC embraces the collaborative law process related to divorce, child custody issues, spousal support, and other important decisions as part of the divorce process.

This collaborative dynamic is less contentious and focuses on problem-solving instead of fighting and conflict. These concentrated efforts also aim to put the children first, instead of personal agendas or emotional decisions involved in a divorce.

Divorce is a family law matter and a problematic next step for couples, even if it’s the right decision in the long run. Contact a divorce lawyer with Ernst & Associates, LLC, to get advice.


There is a range of family law matters that, with the value of legal representation, can benefit from the experience of a family law attorney with negotiation skills and a collaborative law process.

According to familylawselfhelpcenter.org, the most common family law issues handled in family court include marriage dissolution, paternity rights, child custody, protection orders against domestic violence, name changes, guardianship, termination of parental rights, juvenile matters, and emancipation.

Our alternative dispute resolution methods and collaborative law philosophy help you, your spouse, and your family focus on what truly matters—despite the challenges- a reprieve from some of the past’s outdated, impractical, and transactional legal processes arise.

Ernst & Associates, LLC and our family law attorneys have experience in family law cases and various family law issues, from prenuptial agreements, child support, child custody arrangements, mediation, and divorce.

Family law is a practice area focus of the law firm. As your potential legal partner, you can count on us to deliver results and support your case with reliable legal counsel and guidance throughout the process. To get started, you can call us at 513-548-5544 and book an initial consultation with our law firm to see how our attorneys can help.