Ohio law places strong consequences on people caught operating motor vehicles with a blood alcohol content of 0.080 or more. While most drunk driving arrests occur in cars or trucks, drunk driving is just as serious when you are on a boat.

At the Cincinnati, Ohio law office of Ernst & Associates, we understand what people go through when they have been charged with boating under the influence (BUI). We know that drinking is often a big part of life on a boat. But we also know that not every operator is drunk-even if the police seem to think that they are.

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The truth is that field sobriety tests are just harder to pass when a person has just gotten off a boat. Whether you were asked to stand on one leg or to walk-and-turn, your “sea legs” won’t help you when you have just gotten off a rocking boat.

Unfortunately, the stakes for a BUI conviction are high. You may face having your boat impounded. You may also lose your boat registration privileges, as well as facing fines and other serious penalties.

The best way to avoid the consequences of a drunk boating conviction is to build a strong and effective defense. At Ernst & Associates, we take your case seriously. Our goal is to build strong cases by examining every detail from the moment the police spotted you to the conclusion of your case.

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